Upon being introduced to the subject of UFOs and government cover-ups in the early 1990's, Brian began avidly researching these and related topics himself. Shortly thereafter, the esoteric teachings in the FLOWER OF LIFE information played a major role in his search for the "big picture." His ongoing exposure to various alternative books, seminars and documentaries on UFOs, Conspiracies and Hidden Agendas confirmed for him that things are truly not what they seem on planet Earth.

To help spread the word, Brian became proactive and began co-writing articles on UFOs and "meta-topics" for the BERKELEY PSYCHIC READER, and he volunteered for several UFO & Paranormal organizations, including the INTERNATIONAL UFO CONGRESS and the BAY AREA UFO EXPO.

In 2001, Brian produced his first CONSPIRACY CON to analyze and expose real conspiracies and hidden agendas, and he has organized successful and empowering conspiracy events every year since. In 2004 and 2007, he wrote articles on conspiracies for UFO MAGAZINE, and more recently he contributed to both the FREE AMERICAN MAGAZINE and CONSPIRA-ZINE.

In 2005, he participated in the UFO Panel at the NEW LIVING EXPO in San Francisco, and he has been interviewed on many radio programs and appeared on THE UFO CONNECTION and TECHNOLOGY TRENDS local TV shows.

In addition to his role as Executive Producer of CONSPIRACY CON, Brian was also the Associate Producer for the BAY AREA UFO EXPO from 2001 to 2007, assisting in event planning, promotion and tape/DVD distribution, along with comic contributions at many of this event's banquets.

Ms. Fenton became actively involved in the Bay Area UFO Community after almost dying from a mysterious form of Pneumonia during the H1N1 scare of Summer 2009. It was that near death experience which propelled her into doing the work she loves in a community that she has been passionate about her entire life.

Currently, Lorien is the Marin/Sonoma MUFON Section Director, holding meeting in Petaluma on the first Saturday of the month. Visit www.MUFONMarinSonoma.com.

Digging into Lorien's ancient history, she became fascinated with computers after being tricked into using one by her first husband in 1986; this began her lifelong study of Computer Science (anyone remember dial-up modems and The Well out of Sausalito?) She has certificates in networking, graphic and web design. She forces herself to take at least two computer classes a year to keep up with the "evolution" and is very grateful for online education trends of the 21st Century allowing her to attend classes in hr PJ's.

In her 20's Lorien performed as a professional dancer with several modern dance companies in the Bay Area which evolved into becoming a choreographer and director of her own company, Dance Outre, based in Marin Country. Her next step lead into a 10 year run as co-producer (5 yrs.) and producer (5 yrs.) of COLLABORATION! Dance & Music, and annual dance and music production with beginnings at the Marin Civic Center in San Rafael the first 5 years and finishing its run at the Cowell Theater at Fort Mason in San Francisco in 2008. (See SF Chronicle article.)

During her long dance career she lived a simpatico life as an entrepreneur managing speakers, authors and corporate trainers as well as a working as the Administrative Director for the Marin County Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (475 members at the time) and the California Dance Education Association (400 members). Besides working as their director, she served as the conference and workshop coordinator for these organizations, producing their annual conferences and monthly events, as well as producing smaller 50-100+ attendee workshops for her private clients -- which she does to this day.
Robert PeralaROBERT PERALA - Master of Ceremonies

Robert Perala is the internationally acclaimed author of The Divine Blueprint and The Divine Architect. While best known for his lectures, and book publications, he is a sought after television personality, inspirational speaker and humanitarian relief advocate. Find out more about Robert at: www.unitedlight.com.

His work includes 25 years of research in Extraterrestrial and Earth-based anomalies, Metaphysics, Spirituality and Behavioral Science, and he has appeared on CNN, The FOX Network, Showtime and Coast to Coast AM. Robert is our first, and hopefully, annual Master of Ceremonies, and we are honored to have him on board to keep the show running in both a smooth and entertaining fashion.
Robert MitchellROBERT MITCHELL - Audio / Visual Production robmitche@astound.net

Robert has been an audio engineer since 1973 specializing in live music, live theatrical production, live conference/ballroom production and recording. He also has an extensive background in live production management and camera work.

In the last few years Robert has turned his attention to web site development, and helping independent artist getting their work known by using the power of the internet.

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