Andrew D. Basiago, J.D., M.C.R.P. (Dist), M.Phil. (Cantab), 50, is an American lawyer, writer, environmental scholar, time-space explorer, and 21st century visionary.

Andy was born on September 18, 1961 in Morristown, New Jersey, the youngest of five children, and grew up in Northern New Jersey and Southern California. A past member of the high IQ society Mensa, he holds five degrees, including a BA in History from UCLA and a Master of Philosophy from Cambridge. He was admitted to the Washington State Bar Association in 1996.

Andy was one of the world’s first “chrononauts” and a principal figure in the two secret US defense-technical projects that defined the historical emergence of the Time-Space Age.

In the 1970s, Andy was a child participant in the time-space exploration program of the US defense community, Project Pegasus. In that capacity, he was the first American child to teleport via Tesla teleportation. From 1969 to 1972, he took part in probes to past and future events using the new, dangerous, and experimental time travel technologies then being researched and developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

In the 1980s, Andy was a young adult participant in the jump room program of the US intelligence community, Project Mars. In that capacity, he was one of the first humans to visit Mars. In 1980, he was a member of the Mars training class that included future President Obama. From 1981 to 1983, he made 20 or more jumps to Mars as one of the first chrononauts to explore Mars and report back their findings to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Today, Andy is a major figure in the Truth Movement leading a campaign to bring to public light the advent of time travel in the United States in the 1970’s and 1980’s and to prove such controversial truths that by 1970 the US government had already achieved “quantum access” to past and future events and that by 1980 was utilizing one of its secret time travel technologies to send American chrononauts to Mars and return them safely to the Earth.

For 12 years, Andy has investigated his experiences in Project Pegasus and Project Mars on a quest to prove them and communicate them to others. Soon, he will publish a tell-all book that will describe his awe-inspiring and terrifying experiences as a US chrononaut and the true story of the secret emergence of time travel in the US defense and intelligence communities.

Andy’s writings place him at the forefront of contemporary Mars anomaly research. His paper The Discovery of Life on Mars, published in 2008, was the first work to prove that Mars is an inhabited planet and the first work to include a photograph of a humanoid being on another planet. After publishing this landmark paper, Andy founded the Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS), which continues to make breathtaking discoveries of life forms and ancient artifacts on Mars. Andy founded MARS in 2008 after discovering evidence of life in an image of the Red Planet beamed back to Earth by NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit. He is dedicated to making MARS the leading international organization to research, disclose, and educate the public about life on Mars and the hidden history of the human presence on the Red Planet.

In 2009, Andy was identified as a "planetary-level whistle blower" by the WebBot, which analyzes the content of the World Wide Web to predict future trends. Since then, he has been a popular guest on talk radio’s Coast to Coast AM. He considers his crusade as a lawyer and public figure to have the US government disclose its time travel secrets to be his life’s work.

Andy believes that lobbying the US government to declassify its secret teleportation capability, so that teleportation can be adopted globally as a new form of civilian transport, is the most important environmental cause of our time. He has named his campaign “Project Pegasus” after the secret US time travel program that he served in during his childhood.

Andy will be running for President in 2016 on a platform of positive idealism. A major emphasis of his campaign will be calling for American leadership in achieving global public teleportation by 2020. His life’s quest is to be what President Clinton called “a bridge to the 21st century.” His mission is to connect the teleportation capability researched and developed by DARPA’s Project Pegasus over 40 years ago with its real world application today as a major element of the new energy paradigm that humanity will need to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

Andy’s websites are and


Andy’s lecture, entitled “Jump Room,” will present highlights from the hidden history of the CIA’s secret “Mars” visitation program of the 1980’s. He will discuss an alternate theory of what domain the jump rooms were accessing — the notion that the jumpers were not jumping to Mars but a “synthetic quantum environment” architected in time-space by the Grays to study human responses to the threshold of contact with the wider Cosmos.

Now a local of Sedona, Arizona, Internationally acclaimed UFO Researcher, Keynote Speaker and three time Author on the ET / UFO phenomenon. A “contactee” herself, Kim’s first book “Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a UFO Abductee” nearly two decades ago, a milestone in contact literature, was optioned by Tri-Star Pictures. Kim’s second publication, with co-author Darryl Anka, is entitled: Contact Cards, An Extraterrestrial Divination System.

Her new book “The Art Of Close Encounters” has been coined “The Quintessential Cosmic Coffee Table Book”. It is a favorite in the UFO community with endorsements from George Noory - Host of Coast 2 Coast AM, R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD, Steven Basset - Paradigm Research Group, and many others. Quote from Stan Romanek, author of the best seller “Messages”: “This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE UFO BOOK”! Learn more at

A graduate of the “Art Center College of Design” Pasadena, CA in commercial photography, Kim’s career as an advertising and portrait photographer has covered all aspects of the entertainment and music industries. She has been commissioned to photograph the most noted celebrities in private sittings, from rock stars to presidents. Her work has appeared in hundreds of publications worldwide including Rolling Stone, TV Guide and Time, and her five year stretch as the exclusive photographer on the TV series BayWatch, brought her the honor of being the first woman accepted into the Hollywood Camera Union, IATSE “International Alliance of Theatrical State Employees”, Local 659.

Kim's newest endeavor in Sedona, AZ is Sedona UFO Sky Tours. Kim continues to educate people about the UFO reality nightly by taking clients UFO SkyWatching with the highest grade military issue night vision equipment available. She lightheartedly refers to herself as "The UFO ArmChair Therapist Under The Stars," as she acknowledges that most people who book a UFO SkyWatching tour night have already had a profound sighting or ET experience and are looking for validation from someone in the know. Learn more about Kim at and at

MY SECRET LIFE: One Woman's Account of Eight Years of Alien Abduction

The release of Kim Carlsberg’s first book, “Beyond My Wildest Dreams” nearly 2 decades ago, was a milestone in contact literature. The intense narrative was derived from diary entries Carlsberg made as she endured a sudden and inexplicable relationship with non-human entities that began after a close encounter in Malibu, California in 1988. The prose was complimented by an evocative set of images from illustrator Darryl Anka. The combination portrayed one woman’s journey through terror, confusion and loss to an understanding of reality radically at odds with the consensus of mainstream society. The result stands unique amid the abduction writings of the time.

There was little known, or written about alien abduction in the 1980's. Pre-internet, researching a subject that was barely known or named, was tantamount to a scavenger hunt. Kim's courage and commitment to uncovering and sharing the truth of her haunting encounters cost her immensely. Striving to maintain sanity in her "normal" life that became battered with extreme heights of anguish, mental exhaustion and sleep deprivation, was monumentally challenging. But with the help of a few close friends, Kim was not only able to manage, but to eventually become one of the most credible witnesses to the most incredible phenomenon on Earth.

Kim's unsought, new life direction was all encompassing. Discovering the origin and purpose to her (and others) intimately close encounters was paramount. Nothing could compete with the idea aliens might be controlling the world, even if it was only her world.

Unwilling to pretend these incomprehensible events were not occurring to preserve the status-quo, Kim became a voice for the perhaps millions of contactees who were living secret lives. As a result, and at the height of success in life and love, Kim's solid and familiar world rapidly slid into demise. Career opportunities were severely compromised, her primary relationship crushed under the weight of alien abduction, routine ridicule by friends, family, and a new-found set of hostile disbelievers crushed her emotionally.

Other sinister forces entered the picture… phone taps… black helicopters… and brutal military abductions.

Upon deep examination of these life altering events, Kim realized that the foundations of life she had grown to understand were actually profound illusions, and our true reality had been intentionally, and masterfully concealed under impenetrable layers of deceit. This sent her on a life-long investigation: who are we, who are they, and what is the purpose of this clandestine communion.

pproaching two decades later, despite the rocky road that now lies behind her, Kim appreciates the gifts she has received as a result of her relationship with "the others." The list is long: the rare personal proof that we are not alone, heightened PSI abilities such as empathy, telepathy, precognition and more, a passionate love, respect and concern for not only precious mothership Earth, but for all life and all beings, physical and non-physical, in this abundantly occupied multi-verse.

And what better knowledge to have received, than to know we humans are being ushered into a new consciousness and are being assisted in our physical evolution, by beings that proclaim "YOU ARE US!"

Mr. Dietrich was a D.O.D. (Department of Defense) Research Librarian for almost a decade, responsible for incinerating highly classified materials on critical historical topics such as Pearl Harbor, Roswell, Viêt-Nam, and the different ethnic holocausts; as well as documents exposing the reality behind vampires, zombies, Soviet psychic warfare, and other occult phenomena.

Volumes of notes on Tesla, H.P. Lovecraft, L. Ron Hubbard, the Vatican and United Nations were destroyed, along with reams of reports detailing everything from military/intelligence-sponsored drug-smuggling operations to experimental mind-control programs. Records plundered from both Allied and enemy states articulated the hidden objectives of modern mass-movements such as Natzism, Zionism, Izamicism, Voodooism, and other ideologies.

His Post was the Presidio of San Francisco, which was seething with Satanism, child abuse, and controversial medical experimentation. An assassination plot on presidential candidate William Clinton was even attempted. Since base-closure, his background in military reference and his experiences in mercenary/security enforcement exposed him to startling insights into geopolitics, the current demographic apocalypse, and the medical-industrial complex thanatizing our future.

Weapons of Mass-Deception unleashed generations ago by increasingly self-deluded American élites have since warped the U.S. electorate's very perception of reality -- NOW is the time for TOTAL disclosure. Visit

ROSWELL AND THE RISING SUN: The Genesis of America's UFO Cult

The Rise and Fall of the Fifty-Million Dollar Deal behind Japan's Hakui City U.F.O. Museum during the Mid-1990s centered on The Roswell Incident Debris that Douglas Dietrich returned to the Japanese Peoples – the Prize Fragment of which was consequently returned to Mr. Dietrich following the enormous impact of this project on Japanese-American Relations.

If the United States High Command hadn't Sued For Peace on the 15th of August in 1945, the majority of Americans would have perished in the same unspeakable manner as many American Prisoners of War within the Japanese Empire: Via Weapons of Mass-Destruction created by Emperor Hirohito's covert "Empire of the Black Sun."

Douglas Dietrich was forced onto the arena of Public Awareness through his Exposure of the Documents which proved that the United States perpetrated The Greater Pacific War through an Interdicted Flying Tigers Air Raid on the Home Islands of Japan, which led directly to the Preemptive Japanese Surgical Strike against Pearl Harbor in the American-Occupied Kingdom of Hawai'i. 

The Pacific Conflict that ensued was a Race-War in which the Officially articulated United States Objective was nothing less than Total Extermination of what the U.S. Government had fore-concluded was an Inhuman Species of Enemy "Alien."

Now, in this heavily-illustrated work, Dietrich reveals how Japan ended World War II with an astonishing panoply of Super-Weapons that could deliver Mega-Death to the American Homeland – and proves that the Federal Government is still lying to us – about how it lost the war it started!...

Richard Dolan is considered by many students of the UFO phenomenon to be the pre-eminent historian of the subject.

He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, as well as an analysis of the future, A.D. After Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact.

Richard’s writing is widely seen as ufology’s gold standard. His seminal history, UFOs and the National Security State, has inspired such statements as “the best history ever written about UFOs” by best-selling author Whitley Strieber, and “masterful and important” by Dr. Edgar Mitchell of Apollo 14.

A.D. After Disclosure, which Richard co-authored with Bryce Zabel (creator of the television series Dark Skies), has been widely hailed as among the most original works in all of UFO literature, a fearless and analytical “what if” scenario that discusses the deep impact that would be brought about by the end of UFO secrecy.

Among Richard’s main themes are the destruction of our political liberties as a result of the UFO cover-up, the possible nature of the non-humans themselves, and what their presence here means for our civilization. This has led him to take a fresh approach to the topic of “Exopolitics” and to develop unique insights into the practical challenges and opportunities for a true disclosure of the UFO phenomenon.

Richard has also written numerous articles, spoken at conferences around the world, is a frequent guest on radio shows such as Coast-to-Coast AM, and has done a great deal of television work. In 2006 he hosted a six-episode series called SciFi Investigate. More recently, he appeared with NBC’s Lester Holt for a special two-hour documentary, “Inside Secret Government Warehouses: Shocking Revelations.”

Richard was born in Brooklyn, New York, studied at Alfred University and Oxford University, was a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship, and completed his graduate work in history at the University of Rochester. Prior to his interest in UFOs, he studied U.S. Cold War strategy, Soviet history and culture, and international diplomacy. Visit


You might wonder, with all the dramatic, frightening, and fascinating things going on in our world today... are UFOs even relevant anymore? How should one even engage in UFO studies in the 21st century? Richard Dolan has spent the last year focusing on these questions, and he has emerged with an understanding of the field that is appropriate for contemporary thinkers. This isn't your grandfather's ufology. To understand all that is related to UFOs, we need an updated concept of extraterrestrials, of conspiracies, of science, and even of research and investigation in an age of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The bottom line is that UFOs surely do matter, and it's time to wield the conceptual tools with which to understand the subject. This will be a forward-looking lecture by Richard Dolan, designed to open new vistas of understanding.

Critically acclaimed as an author of history, Drew is highly regarded for his professional ethic and trusted results. He was officially recognized for his professional achievements by the Congress of the United States. Drew was an elected representative as well as being appointed to numerous boards and commissions in multiple jurisdictions at local, state, and federal levels.

Drew is an investigative researcher, Documentarian, and former Director of Museums of History, Anthropology and Archeology, a newspaper columnist and author of history for the past 40 years, and a public speaker with expertise in visual media, including photography, television, and film production since 1972. As a Cultural Resource Specialist, Drew served as a consultant to federal agencies and has extensive executive management experience in both the public and private sectors.

His artistic background includes design, mixed media, and fine arts that have been featured in exhibits shown in the United States    and Europe. Drew worked with Bob Brown as the official photographer for the International UFO Congress (IUFOC) and Film Festival at Laughlin, Nevada.  He has been associated with the UFO / Paranormal community for many years and has extensive personal experience to draw from. Visit

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: The Kingman UFO Crashes Have Been Found!

For nearly 60 years the Kingman UFO crash has been widely discussed. As time passed, the story became muddled and distorted by outlandish Exaggerator stories that lacked any semblance of scholarly research or field work. Statements made by early eye witnesses were ignored, deliberately minimalized, and in some cases demonized.

The Kingman UFO story dates back to May 1953 and concerns the crash of one or more UFOs with crews believed to be extraterrestrials. After more than five years research, Drew uncovered evidence the Kingman UFO crash story was the blending of two separate UFO crashes that happened four days apart near Kingman, Arizona in May 1953.

“Finding small clues can add up to finding big answers”.© The exploitation of facts from documents, reports, maps, early and contemporary interviews, plus grueling field trips across rocky butte’s and barren deserts led to pristine UFO crash sites and the discovery of physical evidence left by the military.

Harry will share what he has uncovered -- explosive new evidence that reveals why UFOs were flying near Kingman, what caused them to suddenly crash, and the reason behind witnesses keeping it a secret.

Laura is a Cosmic Mythologist, Global Alchemist and Clairvoyant Healer and is the great-granddaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower. She is on a profound mission to complete his legacy and reveal our true origins with extraordinary intuitive gifts which are deeply connected with the ‘Magdalene’ and ‘Gaia-Sophia’ energies of love and wisdom. These two forces connect many dots that are coming into our awareness, now more than ever, as our solar system aligns with the Galactic plane in 2011-2012.

From an early age, Laura has had some extraordinary experiences, taking on some extreme challenges relating to many things that carried over from Ike's presidency and has confronted the battles he was up against that still linger, and even some of the agreements and insights he had that were not able to reach fruition or resolution which relate to the Military Industrial Complex, the Global Elite, ET's and the agendas of the artificial and unethical power structures in the world.

She has also gone through the depths of the World Soul as an Alchemical Warrior, working to create transformation and retrieve all aspects of wholeness while breaking free from the grips of the Archons, patriarchy, hidden agendas including a Mars recruitment, and the Ancient Game involving exile of the divine feminine energies and archetypal dramas. She works to restore Sacred Union and the Tree of Life and help guide us back to the ‘Pleroma’, the totality of divine powers.


In this lecture you will learn about the treaties between ET's and our government and the roots of hidden agendas connected to Ancient History and Myth. Laura will discuss how branches of the global power structures have hidden their use of quantum access technologies to implement specific agendas in order to separate us from our true origins and nature and to suppress the divine feminine and damage the relationship between the M/F energies, for purposes of control. She will talk about the extreme measures that have been taken to carry this out and how it connects to timelines, DNA and artificial intelligence, along with our movement into zero point energy and the Unified field. She will also discuss her involvement in a Mars recruitment which revealed the deeper battles on a cosmic level and also some startling and liberating truths, that put together many pieces.

Laura carries on the Eisenhower legacy of exposing the Military Industrial Complex and reveals hidden projects in the shadow government. Her passion is to help wake us up from the deceptions of the false matrix, through empowering our connection to Gaia, the “Magdalene’ and ‘Sophia’ energies of love and wisdom and the Venus path. She will share stories, experiences; useful tools and ways to protect ourselves and assist in expansion, inner peace, connection with inner divine energy and letting go of beliefs and behaviors that will not make it in the new paradigm.

Jordan Maxwell continues as a preeminent researcher and independent scholar in the field of occult / religious philosophy. His interest in these subjects began as far back as 1959. He served for three and a half years as the Religion Editor of Truth Seeker Magazine, America's oldest Freethought Journal (since 1873). His work exploring the hidden foundations of Western religions and secret societies creates enthusiastic responses from audiences around the world.

He has conducted dozens of intensive seminars, hosted his own radio talk shows, guested on more than 600 radio shows, and written, produced and appeared in numerous television shows and documentaries (including three 2-hour specials for the CBS TV network, as well as the internationally acclaimed 5-part Ancient Mystery Series - all devoted to understanding ancient religions and their pervasive influence on world affairs today.

His work on the subject of secret societies, both ancient and modern, and their symbols, has fascinated audiences around the world for decades.

Considering the rapidly moving events of today, and the very real part that hidden religious agendas play in our modern war-torn world, he feels these controversial subjects are not only interesting to explore, but too important to ignore! His extraordinary presentations includes documents and photographs seldom seen elsewhere. Visit

GOD DID NOT CREATE MAN: One More Mis-Understanding Of Words

Jordan will discuss that the pre-history of the human race is not what we have been told. Christianity has misrepresented what the ancient scriptures really said, and the history of intelligent life on earth is far more ancient than we have been taught. In the Bible, who were the real Adam and Eve? Jordan suggests that the subject we should be looking at is not evolution or creationism, but intervention. He will examine the story of Adam and Eve created by God, which has nothing to do with Christianity and the God of the Bible as we know it. Once you get the words correctly translated, there is a whole new world of understanding that involves ETs and aliens… and the creation of man.

Since 1992, Christopher O’Brien has investigated and logged hundreds of claims of unexplained events reported in the San Luis Valley (SLV), the world’s largest alpine valley, located in south-central Colorado/north-central New Mexico. Working closely with law enforcement officials, ex-military members, ranchers, farmers and an extensive network of sky-watchers, he documented one of the most intense waves of UFO and cattle mutilations reports ever compiled from a single North American locale. O’Brien is currently working with a team of specialists installing a 24/7 hard data, scientific monitoring system to observe SLV activity from atop cell-towers and mountaintops.

Over the years, O’Brien has built one of our largest regional databases of unusual occurrence reports, and his first three books; The Mysterious Valley (1996), Enter the Valley (1999), and Secrets of the Mysterious Valley (2007), detail his in-depth investigation into this kaleidoscope of mystery and intrigue. UFOs, portal phenomena, Native American legends, crypto-zoological creatures, haunted sites, occult and secret military activity are all are found in this huge, remote alpine valley.

O’Brien’s latest book, Stalking the Tricksters, (2009) explores an apparent connection between divergent paranormal phenomena and suggests that a collective “causal mechanism” may be helping create manifestations of these mysteries. O’Brien’s “out-of-the-box” insight challenges the very perception of how we perceive. Could it be that the way humans experience these mysteries (and tell others of our experiences) is helping to create the unexplained phenomenal events that we experience in our lives? Is it possible that unless we stop asking the wrong questions, we will never discover the answers to these mysteries?

O’Brien, co-host of the popular radio program, The Paracast, has been featured on dozens of TV programs, including Ancient Aliens, UFO Hunters, Inside Edition, Extra and on the History, Learning and Discovery Channels. He’s appeared around the world on the BBC, Nippon TV and in the Associated Press. O’Brien has also educated and entertained listeners on hundreds of radio shows like Coast to Coast AM, Jeff Rense, Open Minds, Binnall of America, and he can be heard every Sunday night on The Paracast. Learn more about Chris at

WHAT’S THE UFO CONNECTION -The Importance of Monitoring Portal / Hot-Spot Locations

There are a number of unique locations around the world that feature a bewildering array of preternatural events. Few locales feature the variety and intensity of unusual reports documented in Colorado’s Mysterious Valley, including: waves of UFO sightings, alien contact, crypto-creatures, unexplained livestock deaths and other so-called “paranormal” phenomena. Drawing on his two decades of field-investigation experience in one of America’s most active UFO/paranormal hot-spot locales, O’Brien proposes an intriguing theory that will inspire you to look at these mysteries from a fresh, out-of-the-box perspective.

Could there be a UFO connection between these seemingly divergent mysteries: religious miracles, abductions, crop-circles, ghosts, ritual blood sacrifice? And what role does the mind-numbing media play in formulating and spreading belief in these mysteries? Christopher poses important questions that we should be asking in Y2012K—the fabled year of cultural transformation (or doom).

In this presentation, Christopher admits that there appears to be a weirdness connection, but he contends that is far stranger than knee-jerk conventional thinking can comprehend. He also analyzes cross-correlations between examples of these seemingly unexplained phenomena and present a formula for identifying “gateway/portal” locales that may be potential “data goldmines” for serious field-investigation.


Michael Schratt (private pilot/military aerospace historian) has lectured across the country on the unique subject of "Mystery Aircraft", and classified propulsion systems buried deep within the military industrial complex. A guest speaker at the “OSHKOSH” AirVenture 2006/2007 event (world’s largest air show), Michael has developed a number of contacts which have had first hand experience dealing classified “black programs,” including former USAF pilots, retired Naval personnel, and aerospace engineers who have maintained a TOP SECRET Q “MAJIC” clearance.


Michael will present a highly illustrated lecture, specifically focusing in on the most obscure, forgotten, and neglected cases within the field of Ufology. Topics to include the following: The Hudson Valley Boomerang 1982-1989, November 1994 Repton England “Flying Ellipse,” Burton Daily Mail March 3, 1995 “Flying Pyramid,” October 18, 1973 Mansfield Ohio “Army Helicopter Incident,” January 1, 1970 Canadian “Hospital Window” UFO case, November 1, 1954 Cennina Italy UFO landing/humanoid case, June 14, 1949 White Sands Missile Range double sphere UFO case, July 24, 1948 Montgomery Alabama DC-3/UFO case, July 31, 1968 Reunion Island “Michelin Man” case, USO’s (Unidentified Submerged Objects), September 1958 U.S.S. FDR UFO encounter, military pilot UFO encounters during 1952, UFO crash/retrievals, along with an update on super-secret classified aircraft, and much more.

Strap in and prepare yourself for a no-holds-barred, shoot-from-the-hip presentation which is sure to cause even government “spook groups” to run for cover.

More than forty years ago, Derrel Sims had his first encounter with an alien presence. As he grew older, he experienced a malignant contact with these alien beings that would alter his life forever. As a result at a young age, Derrel made the decision that he would no longer willingly, be victim to their bizarre quests.

Determined to change his role in life from being the ‘hunted‘ to the hunter, he began to prepare himself for their pursuit. Every path he took, would equip him mentally, physically and intellectually to become a warrior for his cause and to assume the role he was born to play. As a result, Derrel has spent the past three decades researching the world of alien beings. His area of focus has dealt primarily with medical and scientific evidence of human/alien contact. To that end, he has spent years studying and training in a broad range of areas that would provide him with a full array of skills necessary for his search to find evidence of these creatures.

From his accomplishments and certifications in hypnotherapy, to his education in graphoanalysis (handwriting analysis); he has pursued extensive training to assist in his efforts to aid abductees, in reclaiming memories of their experiences. In addition, to learning the methods for memory retrieval, Derrel has acquired considerable training in police, military and investigative work. These assets are critical to aid in the search, rescue and discovery of alien evidence.

This thorough and unusual approach has placed him in a category unparalleled by others. His unique blend of personal history, coupled with his research and skilled investigative techniques prompts worldwide requests for him to share his knowledge.

Being the first to discover and share the concept of alien implants, Derrel has been sought by those in the UFO communities, as well as those within the medical and scientific communities, to share his breakthrough methods at world wide conferences. In addition to this global recognition, he has been acknowledged for his contributions via a series of awards and commendations.

His acclaim is further recognized through the many requests he receives annually to appear on a variety of radio and television shows, where he shares his knowledge with thousands across the globe. It is for these reasons, coupled with a passion that places him in the unequalled position of relating to those whose lives have been disrupted, that he stands alone in his efforts and his role. Derrel Sims is The Alien Hunter. Visit

PROFILING THE ALIEN: His History And Our Evidence Tell The Story

In this dynamic lecture, Derrel Sims will share his multi-modality approach to tracking the alien predator. As outlined in his book Alien Hunter: Evidence in Light, Derrel uses the metaphor of wearing various "hats" to explain how he analyzes each case from varied perspectives. For example, his "cop hat" investigates abductions as crime scenes; his "intelligence hat" uses skills learned from the CIA; his "medical" hat examines the biological impact of alien-human encounters; his "therapist" hat focuses on providing aid to the often traumatized victims; and his "spiritual" hat puts it all into a larger metaphysical context. Each unique perspective provides a crucial piece of the alien puzzle for us to consider when evaluating this phenomenon.|

For the Alien Hunter, many of these "puzzle pieces" have come in the form of physical evidence. In this presentation, Derrel will set the record straight on alleged alien implants—what the evidence to date indicates that they are and aren't. He'll give an update on recent developments in his most provocative ongoing cases, which include fluorescence, anomalous handprints, medical complications following alien contact, implants in situ, and alleged alien biological residue. With his current focus on alien DNA, Derrel predicts what we might find once the results are in. Finally, Derrel will explore the alien's own cover-up throughout history. What does the past and mythology reveal about the alien presence? And, what might come next in this possible "war for the mind and spirit of humanity?"


Ruben Jose Uriarte graduated from Cal State University at Hayward with a B.A. degree in Psychology and Latin American Studies, and he has taken M.A. courses in Public Administration. He has been a member of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) as a Field Investigator, State Director for Northern California and Deputy Director of Investigations/International Affairs for over 20 years.

Ruben has also been involved with a large network of research organizations. He had served as a state coordinator for Crop Circle Phenomena Research International. He was also a former research director for Beyond Boundaries, a company specializing in taking tour groups to various UFO “hotspots” around the world. He also serves as a board member for OPUS (Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support).

Ruben has been interviewed on many local and national radio shows and television documentaries on the subject of the UFO Phenomenon, such as the Discovery Channel’s ” UFOs Over Earth,” The Learning Channel’s “Monster Hunters,” and the History Channel’s “UFO Files,” “UFO Hunters,” and “Ancient Aliens.” Ruben has authored three books, co-written with Texas UFO researcher Noe Torres, about famous historical UFO cases – Mexico’s Roswell, The Other Roswell, and Aliens in the Forest.

MUFON: Mutual UFO Network

Ruben will talk about investigations by MUFON, specifically those in Northern California, along with ongoing and historical cases on UFO sightings.  He will also discuss his own research and other intriguing aspects of the UFO phenomenon, including updates on the cases that are documented in his books.  He will then immediately be followed by Les Velez of OPUS.


Les is a graduate of the University of Vermont with Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. Beginning in September of 1970, he served in the US Army as field artillery officer and is presently VP of Luscombe Engineering, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer’s representative company. He joined MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) in 1991 and became a field investigator. Later he became a Training Coordinator for field investigators, then Assistant State Director in Northern California, and Director of Abduction Research. Other positions he has held with MUFON included Chairman of the AERC (Abduction Experiencer Research Committee) and team leader of the ART (Abduction Response Team). Also, during this time, became a facilitator for an abduction support group in San Jose, California, and in 1994 he co-founded OPUS (The Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support) and is presently the Vice President. For more information on current news items, historical data, upcoming events and activities, book reviews and clinical discussions, visit

OPUS: The Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support

What is the OPUS Mission? The mission of OPUS is to develop a network of people dedicated to a better understanding of the overall nature of unusual/anomalous personal experiences and to support those who have them. Such experiences may include extraordinary states of consciousness, fortean, spiritual, or parapsychological phenomenon, close encounters with non-human entities, and/or UFO activity. OPUS, through its educational services and position of neutrality, provides a meeting ground for people and groups of opposing and often controversial views in the hope that in working together we can further our overall knowledge in these areas and promote scientific research with the ultimate goal of helping humankind. To that end, OPUS networks with many like-minded organizations such as the late John Mack’s (JEMI),  the late Budd Hopkins’ Intruders Foundation, Dr. Leo Sprinkle and ACCET, (Academy of Clinical Close Encounters Therapists, Inc.), Yvonne Smith and CERO, (Close Encounter Research Organization), and Dr. David Jacobs and I.C.A.R., (International Center for Abduction Research).

The sometimes disturbing nature of anomalous experiences might lead an individual to seek professional help but because these experiences often fall outside the realm of what is considered "normal", there is often a lack of professionals willing to work with these issues. OPUS has recognized the need for a clearinghouse where an experiencer can receive assistance in choosing a professional who is knowledgeable about a particular experience in question. When appropriate, OPUS refers experiencers to physicians, licensed mental health practitioners, consultants, investigators, and alternative help. OPUS also refers to support groups where experiencers can share feelings and concerns, without fear of ridicule or embarrassment, while learning to accept and cope with what has happened and move towards a healthy way of dealing with it. Recently, OPUS has created and “on-line support group” through a Google group which is totally secure and can be accessed by the members 24 / 7.

OPUS can be found at where you will find information on current news items, historical data, upcoming events and activities, book reviews, and clinical discussions.

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd is a futurist and author of Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe (available at, a book that founded the field of Exopolitics – the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse. Exopolitics includes a case study of human contact with an advanced civilization on Mars.

Alfred’s forthcoming book, Dimensions: The Dimensional Ecology of the Multi-verse, integrates empirical data from intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations and intelligent civilizations of souls in the Inter-life and demonstrates a new hypothesis of a functioning ecology of intelligence in the dimensions in the multi-verse. Dimensions will be published in the 2013.

Alfred is a journalist, whose articles on multiversal research and cooperation are widely read in North America. Webre is the founder of, a leading exopolitical news website, and the host of ExopoliticsTV, a public affairs channel on relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse. Alfred’s investigative journalism has been featured on TruTV, PressTV, and mainstream TV networks, and has exposed an international war crimes racketeering organization using exotic technologies such as the HAARP aerosol/chemtrails weapons system for tectonic and weather warfare, mind control and other ecocidal and depopulation programs. Please visit

Alfred is chairman of the Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS), which is spearheading the international effort to research, disclose, and educate the public about life on Mars.  He has proposed a truth- amnesty process to facilitate the release of the advanced, extraterrestrial-derived new energy technologies that can be used to create a sustainable, peaceful space age society.

Alfred is a graduate of Yale University and Yale Law School in international law and was a Fulbright Scholar in international economic integration in Uruguay. He has taught economics at Yale University and constitutional law at the University of Texas.  Alfred was general counsel to the New York City Environmental Protection Administration, a futurist at Stanford Research Institute (where he directed the proposed 1977 Carter White House extraterrestrial communication study), was a NGO delegate to the United Nations and the UNISPACE conference, and is a judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal.

Alfred is currently developing ExoUniversity, an educational entity ( whose goal is to provide web-based interactive continuing education, research, information, and policy regarding Exopolitics, PsiSciences and ExoSciences to individuals and institutions throughout the world.


Alfred Lambremont Webre, whose book EXOPOLITICS founded the science of intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse and whose 1974 book THE AGE OF CATACLYSM (GP Putnam's Son's) integrated Earth Sciences and the psychic predictions of Edgar Cayce of Earth Changes in our era, shares a compelling presentation of how advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, some now entering our solar system through the solar portal with large scale UFOs, may be intervening to alter the orbit of a brown dwarf star twin to our Sun, known as Nibiru or Planet X.

A 1971 DARPA time travel probe of 2013, a 2010 remote viewing probe of 2013, and a 2012 Web Bots analysis of 2013 are suggesting a 2013 catastrophic global coastal event with maximal impact around June-July 2013. This converges with the estimates of Nibiru experts such former CNN science features producer Marshall Masters who believe that Nibiru will reach perihelion (its closest approach to the Sun) in February 2013, and present an extreme hazard to our planet through July 2013.

Alfred's lecture will demonstrate the existence of a catastrophic and a positive timeline 2012-2013. Alfred will describe instances of the possible intervention of Extraterrestrial/UFOs for a safe Nibiru flyby. Alfred will detail how, through intention and meditation, we can collectively create an "intention vortex" that creates a safe Nibiru Flyby. The lecture will also cover how to survive and thrive during the flyby.

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